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Adoption Application


Instructions to send us an application:




Check out our Adoptables !


Fill out the Adoption Application

We will contact you by email or by phone to arrange a meeting with you and the dog.  We do not have a shelter and all of our dogs are fostered by our wonderful volunteers.

Our goal is to try to find the perfect match between the rescued animal and the adopter.  We want to make sure that the personality of the animal matches the adopter’s idea of their perfect pet. As these animals have been through so much in their lives, we try to ensure a stable home and minimize the risk of yet another move.

After you’ve adopted your new Waggytail, that animal and its subsequent behavior and healthy are YOUR responsibility. You’ll be given a packet of information regarding care and behavior to help you make your and your new pet’s life a fulfilling and successful one.


*May be higher for pure breed and “tea cup” animals. Special rates may be given to special needs pets.

Did you know we may spend as much as $3,000 on rehabilitating a single animal?

The adoption donation allows us to continue to rescue and rehabilitate abused, neglected, and abandoned animals.

With occasional exception, our animals are:

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