Thank you for choosing to adopt via Waggytail Rescue. 

What we require of our adopters:

  • A thorough and complete application

  • Applicant over 21 years of age

  • Applicant able to meet the animals in NYC within one week of approval

  • A documented pet-friendly living space

  • Love, patience, and determination to give your Waggytail a safe and happy home

The Process

Step 1 - Do Your Research

Ask yourself if you are ready for the commitment that comes with being a pet-owner. 

Please do your due diligence and review our FAQs on our site prior to applying. 

Step 2 - The Application

Tell us all about yourself and how your adopted Waggytail would fit into your home! Applications with missing information will not be considered.

Step 3 - Application Review

We review applications on a rolling basis. If the animal you applied for is still available, we will process your application with that specific Waggytail in mind.

When our volunteers determine that you are a good fit, we will reach out to you over email for the next steps in the review process!

Our volunteers diligently check all aspects of your application. Be prepared for us to contact your landlord, references and current veterinarian.

IWaggytail Rescue is completely volunteer-run, so please be patient with us while we process the hundreds of applications for our Waggytails.

If you do not hear from us within two weeks, and the animal is removed from our website, the animal has likely been adopted.

We regret that we cannot reply to every application but we encourage you to engage with us on social media or through another application if you are interested in other adoptees or volunteer and foster-to-adopt oportunities!

Step 4 - Meet & Greet

Now... the moment you've been waiting for! You get the chance to meet your potential adoptee and their foster who will help you get to know all about their foster pet. All members of your household (dogs and humans) are required to attend.

As we continue to battle COVID-19, we ask that meet and greets remain socially distanced, outside (when possible), and masks are worn at all times.

Ready to commit? Then you're ready for the last step, adoption finalization! You must submit a copy of the transfer agreement and adoption fees before bringing your animal home.

Payment of adoption fee via any of the following options:

(@WaggytailRescue) - include animal's name in payment

Step 5 - Making It Official

( - include animal's name in payment

( include animal's name in payment
select "Friends and Family" (otherwise add extra $15 processing fee) 

Please reach out if you have questions to make a payment in a different form

Please send us a screen shot of the payment receipt as confirmation!

All documentation and tags that came with the animal, plus any information and vet records or medical treatment they received while in foster care, will be given to the adopter. 

Does your employer provide an employee match program? We can provide you with a receipt and W-9 form. Email us here.

Adoption Fees

Dog Adoption/Donation Fees  

  • $550 for puppies under 1 year

  • $450 for dogs 1 to 8 years

  • $325 for seniors over 9 years of age

Cat Adoption/Donation Fees

  • $300 for a pair of kittens

  • $175 for single cats

Adoption fee includes microchip registration, age-appropriate vaccines, and spay/neuter

**If the animal is not neutered, add an additional $100 (refundable) deposit**

A couple holding up their two cats adopted via Waggytail Rescue
A blind dog that was adopted via Waggytail Rescue

Application Forms

If you're interested in adopting a Waggytail, please submit an application form. You will receive a confirmation email once submitted.

*Email to with dog's name in the subject line

Please Note

Waggytail Rescue is a completely volunteer-run organization. We know waiting is difficult but we appreciate your patience while our volunteers do their best to respond quickly and responsibly to applications and inquiries. 

Please take the time to review our FAQs. 

A family posing with their dog adopted via Waggytail Rescue

After Adoption

Adopted pet's health and training are your responsibility. While in our foster care, we help our animals with basic training and housebreaking, but it will take your commitment to continue their training & education.

You and your adoptee are forever a part of the Waggytail family. Please contact us for guidance, we want to help as much as we are able to.​​


A woman holding her dog adopted via Waggytail Rescue


The process of adopting Ginger during the pandemic was extremely easy with Waggytail.  The volunteers were caring and gave me the time I needed to confidently make the decision to bring Ginger into my life.  And what a good decision it has been - she brings such joy to my heart even on the darkest of days! Thank you Waggytails for all that you do in connecting humans with their furever pals!

A woman holding her dog adopted via Waggytail Rescue


 I adopted Jupiter (formerly Gretchen) officially in January of 2018. She had come from Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas so the opportunity to help out a pup in need while my hometown was also in need was a rewarding and life-changing opportunity. Jupiter is my best friend and adventure companion, we go everywhere together. Thanks Waggytail for making our stars align!