Adoptapalooza Waggies of the Week!

We are super excited to be taking part in Adoptapalooza THIS SUNDAY, May 31st at Union Square noon-5pm! This is a huge, fun event hosted by the Mayors Alliance for NYC's Animals that features multiple rescue groups with all kinds of companion animals up for adoption! PLUS! $25 microchipping, dog licensing, face painting, free goodies from vendors and much, much more! Waggytail is going to be there with Denver, our beach loving puppy mill rescue chi! Roger, an adorable, young and playful puggle! Nerf and Cookie, two of our longer term fosters who are hoping that Sunday is the day they meet their forever family! Marlee and Sabrina, two more sweet puppy mill rescue Chis! Peanut and Jack, two li

GINGER! Waggy Graduate, 2011

Ginger was adopted by her family after their beloved Sweet Pea, a hurrican Katrina rescue Shih Tzu, passed away. Her family had room in their heart for a new dog, and after a little bit of back and forth adopted Ginger! From Ginger's mom, Carolyn: "Ginger was a work in progress for about a solid year. She had severe fear aggression when we first brought her home. She found a "safe place" in the corner of the bathroom and did not move from it nor eat or drink for days. She growled and charged if we came near her. Food did not motivate her at all. We could not get a leash on her for days. I hired a trainer to help me work with her fear aggression and we slowly made progress. From the bathroom

SUNNY! Adoptable Waggy of the Week!

We decided to feature Sunny, one of our Texas Puppy Mill rescue dogs, as this week's Waggy of the Week! Sunny is an 8 year old, 8lb purebred Chihuahua. She's had a long hard life in the puppy mill and is in need of a loving foster and/or forever home to call her own to live out her golden years! Sunny is still very timid and is ideally looking for a person who can spend some quality time with her just cuddling and socalizing so that she is able to open up and learn to trust her people. This little lady is very mellow, she doesn't whine or bark or have seperation anxiety, and she gets on fine with other dogs. If you can help Sunny learn what it means to be a beloved family dog, please email a

FRUMPUS TAHOE! Waggy Grad of the Week

From Frumpus Tahoe's new family: "I would be happy to give you an update on how Tahoe is doing! We actually renamed him Frumpus Tahoe (full name). My husband's family has a close connection to Tahoe and we thought it was a lovely name so we wanted to keep it. But we really thought he was more of a Frumpus. Frumpy is growing like mad (a pound a week!) and seems to be stretching out before our eyes. His body shape is more and more that of a basset hound. As is his personality. He sits, when he wants to. Walks, when he wants to. And listens, when he wants to. He is absolutely adorable and loves our new neighborhood, which has lots and lots of dogs. He is doing just great and we love him to bits

Waggy West - The Beginning!

In March 2015, our founder Holly was planning a visit to LA and decided to use the trip to initiate a new Waggytail Rescue project - Waggy West! Our goal with this project is to rescue at risk & over-populated small breed dogs in California by transporting them to New York where we can find them loving, forever homes. Before Holly left, we launched a fundraiser with the aim of rescuing 5 LA pups, and thanks to the generous donations of our supporters we were able to raise the funds necessary to pull, vet, neuter and transport all five (plus one lucky pup who was adopted in LA)! Once in LA, Holly began networking with local shelter and private animal rescue organizations to build a network of

iGive! Waggy of the Week!

Yes, yes, despite our attempts at illustration, we know is not a puppy! iGive is a FREE online tool that allows you to passively donate to a cause of your choice (like us!!) by shopping online. Selected merchants donate a portion of your total purchase to the charity you select AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! They even have a handy button you can add to your browser that alerts you to iGive vendors, automatically logs your purchase for donation and alerts you to money saving coupons for the site! You don't even have to think about it and Waggytail will benefit. And, as an amazingly awesome added bonus, FOR EVERY BUTTON DOWNLOADED BY MAY 31ST iGIVE WILL DONATE $5 TO WAGGYTAIL! You never ha

HUNTER! Waggy Graduate of the Week!

From Hunter's new family: "Hunter is doing AMAZING and we could not be any happier to have him as part of our family! He was very shy and timid at first but we knew deep down that he was a great dog and we were absolutely right - he warmed up in only a couple days and I would say he came full circle in only a week or two! He is an incredibly happy and affectionate dog and I am fairly certain that he loves his new life as much as we love having him in ours. He loves to hang out on the couch and watch TV and also play fetch and go for walks. His potty habits border perfection and we're actually in the process of teaching him how to ring a bell at the front door to let us know when he's gotta g

PANCHO & SWEETS! Adoptable Waggies of the Week!

***For one week only, TWO is better than ONE! From May 9th to 15th the adoption fee for Pancho and Sweets, an adorable pair of bonded Chihuahuas, will be reduced from $400 to $300, our normal adoption donation for one sweet pup!*** Sweetheart is a female white and tan, 2year old and 7lb Chihuahua. She is a confident, really easy going pup, who absolutely lives up to her name! Sweets is bonded with Pancho, a tan 2 year old, 11lb male chi, the curious little pup photobombing above :) Pancho is a little shy but readily takes his lead from Sweets and warms up to strangers after a short introduction. Due to their strong affection for each other they must be adopted together. And what a fantastic

FREDDIE! Waggy Graduate of the Week!

From Freddie's new mom: "Thank you for checking in. Fred is doing great! He is a playful, loving little guy who will go crazy over catnip (for hours) and wakes me up every morning by meowing at me until I give him some love." Freddie was adopted in February 2015 as a teeny 6 month old kitten! He looks like he definitely landed on his feet with his new home. This is one happy kitty :) We are always thrilled to hear how our Waggytail Graduates are doing in their new homes. We'd love to hear from you if you have adopted from us in the past. Please send us your Waggy Graduate story and cute pictures of your furry family member to! Thank you for adopting a rescue animal! Plea

BLONDIE! Waggy of the Week!

Blondie is a very affectionate little Chihuahua who enjoys snuggling next to you on the couch, and just loves being around her person! This dynamic little Chihuahua is about 8lb, 2 years old, has been spayed and is up to date on shots! She is working very hard at potty training and is getting better at using pee pads every day! Blondie does have some seperation anxiety so ideally she is looking for a patient home that will help her with her insecurity and can make her feel safe and loved! If you are interested in meeting Blondie, make her your Sunday Girl!! Don't leave her hanging on the telephone! Call me! Please take a look at her adopt-a-pet profile then complete an adoption application (

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