May 2017 Adoption Round Up!

30 !!!! May FLOWERS all in BLOOM. In Texas, New York and Maine! Here are most of our May pups: BUD, RACHEL, MARSHALL, BUCKY, KARINA, DRIZZY, ELEKTRA, JAX, FOXY, BUNNY, CANDY, BRUNO, APACHE, ENZO, PIPER, TOBY, PETRIE, MORTINER,TALUA, MINDY, LINCOLN, BENNY, VALENTINA, LILI, THOMAS, WANDA, ONYX, SIENNA, HONEY, GRACIE! Funny story about Bunny, (second row second on the left).... This little 5 pound cutie flew to NYC with one of our flight chaperone's from Dallas, Texas. When our transporter made a quick dash here ahead of time, we needed to find an early morning foster for Bunny. So one of our regular volunteers grabbed her in a pinch, and then took her sight-seeing in Central Park, where she pr

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