January 2018 Round Up!

We had an extroadinary HAPPY NEW YEAR as 14 of our pups were adopted. CLARA, GRETCHEN, CHICA, SHELLEY, OSCAR, CHICO, ROMEO, SALT, RYDER, MELLO, BEAR, SOPHIE, MAIZY, BENJAMIN. A great story: Bear, second on top left, is a long-haired senior Chihuahua who was an owner surrender. We were smitten with him as soon as we saw him, but he was so spoiled and quite snobby about who could get near him (he nipped!). He stayed in two different foster homes for a while, and the second foster home had another pup who looked very much like him. But that other pup was not well, and his owner knew he needed company which is why she brought Bear into their lives. Bear was adopted by his foster mom and was not

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