We are always looking for new foster homes for current and future rescues.

We can only support fosters in the immediate NYC area! 

(Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Bronx, Hoboken & Jersey City)


**Incomplete applications will be rejected**

Use our ONLINE version which is submitted automatically


OR: print, fill in and sign this PDF version, scan, then email to waggyvolunteer@gmail.com 

OR: copy and paste the entire below TEXT version and email to waggyvolunteer@gmail.com.    Foster guidelines must be included - initialed and signed electronically.


Please fill out this form completely and give as much detail as possible to help us get to know you and match you with the right dog!


The THREE main duties of a foster parent are: 

  1. Care for a dog (provide food, water, basic supplies, shelter & exercise, monitor behavior and health)

  2. Communicate with Waggytail Rescue (health, behavior, photos and video)

  3. Participate in the adoption process (screen & meet adopters, reference checking, contract signing)



If you are not comfortable taking on these responsibilities, fostering may not be for you.





Send completed forms to: waggyvolunteer@gmail.com



Address (Apt, Street, City, State, Zip):




Home Phone:

Cell Phone:


Why do you want to foster a dog, and are you looking to foster to adopt?





Please describe your home (house, apartment, studio etc.) 



Please list all persons living with you, their ages and gender 




Are all members of your household in agreement about fostering a dog? 



Does anyone in your household have any known allergies to dogs, and do they have a plan to manage them should they arise? 



Does your lease/management/condo or co-op board allow you to have animals? Please give your landlord/management company’s contact details (Name, Address & Phone, plus Email if possible) 



What animals do you currently have in your home (species, breed, sex, neuter status)?  



How many hours per day will the dog be left alone? Where will the dog(s) be kept when you are not home (please be specific)? 



How will the dog relieve himself or herself while you are not home? 





Please let us know what size dog you can handle:

Under 10lbs (  )         Up to 20lb (  )           Over 20lb  (  )

And which age group can you care for:

Puppy (<1yr)  (  )     Adult (1- 8yrs) (  )     Senior (9+yrs)  (  )



Will you be able to keep a foster until they are adopted?


If you are not able to commit to keeping dog until placement, please specify how long you can care for a foster (days/weeks).


If your foster dog needs to be spayed or neutered, would you be willing to drop off and pick up at a vet located in Manhattan or Brooklyn? Manhattan vet Offices are located in the East Village, Brooklyn spay/neuters must be dropped off in Clinton Hill/Bed-Stuy. 




If your dog needs other veterinary care would you be willing to take it to a vet visit? NOTE: All vet visits must be preapproved for expenses to be covered by Waggytail Rescue. Vet visits are typically weekdays, 10am-6pm in the East Village in Manhattan.



Would you foster a dog with significant medical/special needs?



Would you foster a dog that is known to have a bite history?

NOTE: Many dogs come to us from shelter environments where they are very afraid and may have snapped out of fear. Fear biting can be avoided by building trust and rapport with a dog, and by closely observing their body language, before attempting to handle them!



Please let us know anything else that you feel would help us match you up with a foster dog 




Please describe any pets you've had in the past and your history with them. Include breed, training, time with pet and reason for no longer owning:  


Have any of your pets ever gotten lost?


Have any of your pets ever been poisoned?


Has any pet in your care ever been hit by a vehicle?


Have you ever given a pet to a shelter? 


Please provide 3 personal references that can attest to your ability to care for a pet:

Full Name:


Phone Number:


Full Name:


Phone Number:


Full Name:


Phone Number:



Please read the fostering guidelines and sign below.



Please read, initial and sign at the end that you have read and understood your role as a caregiver for a Waggytail Rescue dog.


The THREE main duties of a foster parent are to: 

1) Care for a dog (provide food, water, basic supplies, shelter & exercise, monitor behavior & health)

2) Communicate with Waggytail Rescue (health, behavior, photos and video)

3) Participate in the adoption process (screen and meet adopters, reference check, contract signing)



If you are not comfortable taking on these responsibilities, fostering may not be for you.



While we do have very limited supplies of donated materials for fosters, please be aware that there will be some financial cost to you in volunteering to foster. All supplies that you purchase for your foster dog can be considered as tax-deductible donations. Any supplies that are provided to you must be returned to Waggytail and do not go with the adopted dog.


  • Food, plus food and water bowls.

  • A collar with dog tag, harness and leash, plus cold-weather gear if seasonally appropriate. Dogs should ALWAYS wear a collar with identifying tags when being walked on harness outdoors!

  • A bed. This could be an old pillow or blanket.

  • Poop bags! Please be a responsible dog walker!

  • If you are transporting your foster on the subway, they must be carried in a pet carrier that can be closed. Please contact us in advance if you would like a short-term loan of a case.

  • (Recommended) Chews and other toys in an appropriate size for your foster dog, high value treats such as freeze-dried meat, pee pads, a crate of appropriate size, and dog shampoo.


VETERINARY CARE AND MEDICATIONS                                                                                                        

If you are at all concerned about the health of your foster, please contact us via email with HEALTH in the title: waggyvolunteer@gmail.com Someone will get back to you as soon as possible and we will provide an emergency contact number for situations that need immediate assistance. ALL VET VISITS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY WAGGYTAIL RESCUE. Waggytail Rescue will cover all preapproved medical costs during foster care. If your foster comes with medication, please ensure it is given as directed.



Please contact us REGULARLY at waggyvolunteer@gmail.com with updates on your foster dog’s health, behavior and temperament. We require that you send photographs (and if possible a short video) of your foster plus details for their adoption profile. Instagram users are HIGHLY encouraged to tag photographs with @waggytailrescue! We also encourage you to post updates on our Facebook page. We rely on your insight and images to write pet profiles and publicize your foster, the more help you can provide, the faster we can find an adopter.


ADOPTION PROCESS                                                                                                                               

Pre-screened applications will be sent to you for evaluation. If you think the potential adopter is a good fit, we ask that you call references and landlords, and arrange a meet-and-greet at your convenience. Assistance can be provided for reference checking upon request. If you approve the applicant and the meet and greet goes well, please notify us via email. Please note that we do not hold dogs for adopters, and adoptions should be finalized within a few days of the meet and greet. Collect the adoption fee and signed agreement BEFORE the animal leaves your care. Email a digital copy to us, and mail the hard copies to the address on the contract. More detailed information can be found here:  https://www.waggytailrescue.org/adopt-a-waggytail

IF YOU HAVE TO STOP FOSTERING                                                                                                

We would ask that you commit to fostering an animal until it is adopted, but we understand that life happens and that you may not be able to continue caring for an animal.  Availability of foster homes can be limited, so please give us as much advance notice as possible to organize alternative care. If you wish to take your foster dog with you when you travel out of town, please email us in advance!


FOSTERING TO ADOPT                                                                                                                                              

If you begin fostering with the intent to adopt: You will have a 7 day grace period in which no applications will be forwarded to you for review. If after one week if you have not made a decision, you will still have priority in the adoption process but we ask that you begin to actively participate in finding a permanent home for your foster by screening, reference checking, and meeting with other potential adopters as applications are received.


If you decide to adopt while fostering: All adopters, INCLUDING CURRENT FOSTERS, MUST fill in an adoption application, sign an adoption agreement AND pay the appropriate adoption fee for their dog. Adoption fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. Documents are available here: bit.ly/1RvY90X


If the adoption agreement and payment are not received within 14 days of verbal or written notification of intention to adopt, the dog will be again put up for public adoption with the Waggytail Rescue board assuming responsibility for adoption decisions. Alternative foster care may be arranged as appropriate. All dogs remain the property of Waggytail Rescue until the adoption agreement is signed and fees are paid. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in the dog being reported stolen and a collection agency being notified.


I have read the Waggytail Rescue foster guidelines and understand that:


  • I will be responsible for providing adequate food, water, shelter and exercise for the dog in my care.  INITIAL:  ______                

  • Foster dogs must wear identifying tags on a collar in addition to wearing a harness when outdoors. INITIAL: _______                 

  • I will be responsible for monitoring the health and behavior of the animal in my care, and for reporting issues immediately to Waggytail Rescue.  

INITIAL: ______                 

  • Waggytail Rescue must preapprove all vet visits or I will be responsible for costs incurred. INITIAL: ______                 

  • I must communicate regularly with Waggytail Rescue regarding my foster, and provide information and photographs for pet profiles.  INITIAL:______

  • Fosters take an active role in the adoption process, and that I will be required to participate as outlined.  INITIAL: ______                 

  • Fostering to adopt guidelines must be followed, foster dogs remain the property of Waggytail Rescue until adopted, and that adoption fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. INITIAL:______                  


Signature: _______________________________________________



Email completed application to: waggyvolunteer@gmail.com (note Foster Application in subject heading)




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