Foster a Waggytail!

Foster homes are THE MOST ESSENTIAL part of Waggytail Rescue!


We are always looking for new foster homes for current and future rescues.

We can only support fosters in the immediate NYC area! 

(Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Bronx, Hoboken & Jersey City)



Use the ONLINE version which is submitted automatically


Complete and sign the PDF version then email to 

If you're interested in fostering CATS, please use CAT FOSTER APPLICATION.

Why foster?

Taking a scared and confused animal out of the shelter system and into a loving, private home gives them the opportunity to relax, recover and become the best version of themselves before adoption. Fostering dogs that do not respond well to being in a shelter greatly increases their chance of adoption and avoids unnecessary euthanization.


By volunteering your time, energy and patience as a foster parent, you can help put a dog on the path towards a long and happy life in their forever home.


What does a foster parent do?

Everything a responsible dog owner would do! Foster parents are responsible for feeding & providing water, exercising, socializing, and giving medication (when necessary) to your new furry friend. We request that fosters give us honest assessments of their dog's behavior and personality and, when necessary and with guidance from Waggytail, assist in basic house training and behavior modification. Fosters also take an active role in adoptions. We love hearing from our fosters, so please don't hesitate to share anything you feel we should know about your foster dog by emailing


For more information about what to expect the first few days of fostering click here, and for more details about the responsibilities of a foster parent, please go to the While You Are Fostering page.


How long does fostering last? 

This is a hard question to answer as sometimes dogs get adopted very quickly while others take a while to catch the eye of their future adopter. Generally, you can expect to foster for anywhere from 2 weeks to a month, but it may be longer. We ask that foster parents commit to their foster dog until they are adopted as it can be stressful for a dog to move from home to home. However, with adequate notice, we will, of course, arrange alternative foster care if your circumstances do not allow you to continue caring for the dog.

What happens when the animal is adopted?

For more information the role of a foster parent in the adoption process please click here.



What if I want to adopt my foster?

We love it when this happens!  Please fill in an adoption application, sign an adoption (Transfer) agreement and pay the appropriate adoption fee for the dog.  



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