25 Waggies of the Week?!

This week started with exciting news that, through the hard work of our volunteers, Waggytail has forged a connection with a Texas based rescue charity in order to rehome as many abandoned former puppy mill breeding dogs as posible. We are aiming to find homes for 25 dogs, 18 Chihuahuas, 6 Yorkies and 1 Havanesse. Transportation is ready we just need fosters here in NYC in place for April 25th to care for them!

Fosters are still needed! To apply to foster please fill out the form found here (pdf) and email to waggyvolunteer@gmail.com ASAP!

Denver is a 9 year old, 6.6 lb purebred Chi. She is a very friendly, good with kids and dogs, and just wants to be a good girl for you!

Ducky is a 3 year old, 5 lb purebred Chi. He is an adorable happy boy! He has lost many of his teeth due to poor nutrition at the puppy mill but that doesn't set him back, He's happy to sit on your lap and relax with you! See a video of Ducky here!

Heather is a very calm, gentle, loving 13lb, 8-9 years old, Yorkie. She is learning about living in a house and enjoys following her people, exploring and finding a soft pillow for a quick nap.

Heidi is a 6-7 year old, 6.6 lb purebred Chi. She is a very happy little girl and very people oriented. She's going great with learning house training and does great with kids but we suggest she go to a home where she can be the only pup!

Hilda is a beautiful 5 year old, 13.2 lb purebred Chi. She loves being around her people and is a pup that loves to go everywhere her human goes! She has a little bit of separation anxiety but with a little training and patience she will learn her human will always come back to her.

Hootie is a 7.6 lb, 2 year old purebred Chi. He is a very sweet little boy and a quick learner when it comes to house training! He is good with kids and dogs but we suggest he go to a home without cats. See a video of Hootie here!

Jazzy is a 9 year old, 6.2 lb purebred Chi. She is a bit timid at first but just needs some time to see she is loved and cared for!

Marlee is a 5 year old, 7.4 lb purebred Chi. She is a sweet little girl but is a bit shy and timid at first and will need a foster/adopter willing to give her the time and patiences she so much deserves!

Midnight is a 3 year old, 9.6 lb purebred Chi. She is a little shy at first but give her a little time and she's eager to be your best friend!

Petey is a 6.6 lb, 2 a half year old purebred Chi. He is an absolutely adorable happy little boy! See a video of Petey here!

Rico is a 10 lb, 3 year old purebred Chi. He is an extremely happy boy, is super friendly, and loves being on the go! See a video of Rico here!

Sunny is an 8 year old, 8 lb purebred Chi. She is very people friendly and loves being social! She loves being the alpha girl in her pack! She's great with kids and other dogs!

Whitley is a 6 year old, 6.4 lb purebred Chi. He is a super friendly little boy!!

We are currently also trying to find foster homes for an additional four Yorkies from the same mill as Heather. We don't have many details about them yet other than that they are all 6-8 years old, around 12lb and in good health!

If you are interested in fostering one of these little loves, please contact us with a completed foster application ASAP!

We have already found foster homes for 8 pups, Cinnamon, Georgie, Henna, Kateland, Rose, Sabrina Girl, Shelly and Skeeter!

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