iGive! Waggy of the Week!

Yes, yes, despite our attempts at illustration, we know iGive.com is not a puppy! iGive is a FREE online tool that allows you to passively donate to a cause of your choice (like us!!) by shopping online. Selected merchants donate a portion of your total purchase to the charity you select AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU! They even have a handy button you can add to your browser that alerts you to iGive vendors, automatically logs your purchase for donation and alerts you to money saving coupons for the site! You don't even have to think about it and Waggytail will benefit.

And, as an amazingly awesome added bonus, FOR EVERY BUTTON DOWNLOADED BY MAY 31ST iGIVE WILL DONATE $5 TO WAGGYTAIL! You never have to use the service again (although, it's super easy so why not?!) for us to get this donation!

If 2 people sign up and download the iGive button by the end of May we can pay for a heartworm test for one of our TN rescue dogs, like the adorable and recently adopted Mimi! Testing is vital to make sure they they are clear of, or can get the apropriate treatment for, this devastating disease!

If 10 people sign up for iGive by the end of May, we can pay for the microchipping of a sweet pup like Hugo who was just pulled from an overcrowded shelter in LA as part of our Waggy West rescue mission. He is currently in foster care on the West Coast until his recue flight to NYC is scheduled!

If 15 people sign up and download the button, we can pay in full for the transport of another at-risk dog from a high kill shelter in KY to the safety of foster care in NYC. Just like Audrey who is on the road right now headed for the Big Apple!

With only 25 iGive button downloads we can pay for another transportation flight for of one of our Waggy West Rescue dogs, like the three dachshund mix puppies we rescued earlier this year; Shorty, Lucky and Ombre who have all been adopted in NYC! That means one more happy family in NYC and one less unnecessary death in LA.

If 100 people sign up to iGive, that would go a long way towards covering the cost of dental treatment for one of our NYC rescue dogs, who often need a deep cleaning and sadly, tooth extractions. Just like Penny (adopted), who needed all that PLUS emergency treatment for an abcessed tooth!

Isn't it amazing how much could be achieved with one simple click of a mouse?!

But the giving doesn't end there, once the button is installed all your purchases at participating vendors, no matter how big or small, will contribute to Waggytail Rescue's ongoing mission to rescue and rehome at risk dogs. PLEASE SIGN UP! Thank you :)

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