Waggy West - The Beginning!

In March 2015, our founder Holly was planning a visit to LA and decided to use the trip to initiate a new Waggytail Rescue project - Waggy West!

Our goal with this project is to rescue at risk & over-populated small breed dogs in California by transporting them to New York where we can find them loving, forever homes.

Before Holly left, we launched a fundraiser with the aim of rescuing 5 LA pups, and thanks to the generous donations of our supporters we were able to raise the funds necessary to pull, vet, neuter and transport all five (plus one lucky pup who was adopted in LA)! Once in LA, Holly began networking with local shelter and private animal rescue organizations to build a network of supporters that are ready, willing and able to help saving at-risk dogs from high-kill shelters and neglectful situations. She also made connections with local veterinary clinics that provide care at reduced rates for rescue charities, and recruited some new foster parents. Waggy West was a go!

The first three Waggy West puppies were rescued after they and their mother were left alone for several days soon after they were born. Heartbreakingly, the mom and one of the pups did not surive as she tried to nurse them without having access to enough food herself. But three sweet puppies did make it and were surrendered to a private rescue group. Holly took these tiny Dachshund mix bundles of love to the vet to have them throughly checked out, vaccinated and neutured, and so Ombre, Shorty and Lucky became our first Waggy West Rescues!

Holly then visited one of the local LA Animal Care and Control shelters to look for more Waggy West candidates! Small breed dogs are among the most at-risk for euthanasia in these city run shelters, which are often dealing with serious over-crowding issues and lack of funds. After a chance encounter with a lovely lady at one of these shelters, Holly was able to rescue three more dogs!

Calista and Pony Girl were a mismatched pair of Chihuahuas who had been surrendered together. Calista was older with cloudy eyes and a broken ear. She was timid and scared, and not a great candidate for public adoption, while Pony Girl was young, energetic and super playful (once she got out of the shelter al least).

We rescued them both.

Evie was also freed from the same shelter, a beautiful young miniature pinscher chihuahua mix who was very scared in the chaotic environment of the pound. This little love captured the heart of her LA foster family and was quickly adopted by them! She is now called Pheobe and has an extended family of adults, kids and sibling dogs! Waggy West FTW!

Our five Waggy West pups were flown from LA to NYC, picked up at the airport in the wee small hours of the morning, and distributed to volunteer foster parents all around NYC! They quickly settled in and amazingly, in less than a month ALL FIVE OF THESE DOGS WERE ADOPTED!

We are continuing to build our network of volunteers, shelter and vet contacts in LA and have more success stories to report! We are looking to expand Waggy West to make this a permanent part of our rescue mission.


We are actively looking for foster parents in LA who can care for our Waggy West dogs until they are either adopted in LA or transported to NYC. Please email waggyvolunteer@gmail.com if you can help.

We also need transporters! If you are planning a trip from LAX to NYC and are willing to chaperone one of our dogs, Waggytail rescue will pay for the dog's ticket and provide a crate! We would love to be able to schedule flights for these dogs with greater frequency. If you are planning a West cost trip or are (or know) a dog loving flight attendant who flies this route please contact us at waggyvolunteer@gmail.com!

We need funds. Fly a dog from LAX to NYC costs approximately $150. We would greatly apprecate donations to help offset this cost. We would love corporate sponsorship for these flights and welcome any leads you may have! We are currently researching grant oportunities to help with costs but until then we are reliant on public and corporate donations.

With your help we can continue saving lives and rescuing these wonderful dogs!

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