FRUMPUS TAHOE! Waggy Grad of the Week

From Frumpus Tahoe's new family:

"I would be happy to give you an update on how Tahoe is doing! We actually renamed him Frumpus Tahoe (full name). My husband's family has a close connection to Tahoe and we thought it was a lovely name so we wanted to keep it. But we really thought he was more of a Frumpus. Frumpy is growing like mad (a pound a week!) and seems to be stretching out before our eyes. His body shape is more and more that of a basset hound. As is his personality. He sits, when he wants to. Walks, when he wants to. And listens, when he wants to. He is absolutely adorable and loves our new neighborhood, which has lots and lots of dogs. He is doing just great and we love him to bits. Thank you!"

Frumpy (formerly Tahoe) was adopted in January 2015!

We are always thrilled to hear how our Waggytail Graduates are doing in ther new homes. We'd love to hear from you if you have adopted from us in the past. Please send us your Waggy Graduate story and cute pictures of your furry family member to!

Thank you for adopting a rescue animal!

Please consider making a donation to WTR to help fund our efforts to continue saving the lives of animals in need!

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