BENJIE & JACK! Waggy Grads of the Week.

We would like to share the happy tale of two Waggy alums Benjie (black Pomeranian mix, adopted 2006) and Jack (red dachshund mix, adopted 2014), now living the cushy life as pampered Brooklynites!

From their mom:

"Benjie came to us in February 2006, a matted, thin and fearful little thing. It took a long time for him to trust anyone and took a community for him to come around. He loves to line up his stuffed toys in an orderly fashion after playing with them, and dress up in sharp doggie parkas and clothes. He was also the patient little boy who stayed up on late nights while his two mommies went through punishing doctorate school, and poses like a supermodel for photo shoots - he loves being the muse for his mom's photography hobby when he's not wrapping his moms' hearts around his little paws. When he was first adopted, the recommendation was that he would be the only dog in an adult household since he wasn't dog friendly - and he was the only "man of the house" until November 2014. One day that month, while I was idly looking through the FB page of Waggytail Rescue, I laid eyes on a forlorn, 11-year-old dachshund gentleman with one eye and a snaggletooth, who had been placed on death row.

That gentleman came into our household a day later for fostering, since we weren't sure how Benjie would take to a new dog in his territory. Jack also looked worse for wear, and desperate for affection. A natural Houdini, he easily escaped the little enclosure we placed him in as we waited for Benjie to warm up to him - but instead of the full-on fight that we feared, Jack calmly walked up to his wary brother, and effectively won him over. But it turns out that fear of introducing the dogs to each other were the least of our worries - soon after, Jack began to show signs of being sick. He was suspected of having Cushing's Disease and possible kidney malignancies, which were eventually ruled out when he was found to have a deep-seated liver infection. His immune system compromised, he was also found to have yeast skin infections that made his recovery from spay surgery and dental extractions arduous and full of setbacks. But while Jack was climbing out of ill health, it seems he was also crawling deep into our hearts. With Benjie's blessing, we decided to formally adopt Jack in January 2015..."

"...The two boys are now a fixture in the neighborhood, charming neighbors and good-naturedly startling sleeping cats out from under cars and squawking birds out of trees. And while their personalities differ - Jack wakes everyone up at 5:45 am on the dot with a smile on his face, and Benjie is the proverbial night owl - we cannot imagine life without the boys. They cook up shenanigans together, lounge around watching TV on their respective beds, and make our busy days so much richer and livelier than we could ever imagine."

What a story! Two waggies seperated by so many years happliy living together in Brroklyn!

We are always thrilled to hear how our Waggytail Graduates are doing in ther new homes. We'd love to hear from you if you have adopted from us in the past. Please send us your Waggy Graduate story and cute pictures of your furry family member to!

Thank you for adopting a rescue animal!

Please consider making a donation to WTR to help fund our efforts to continue saving the lives of animals in need!

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