Waggy West - Volunteer Transport!

Since it's inception in March 2015, Waggy West has been growing!

This has been in HUGE part due to our expanding pool of dedicated fosters in LA, and because of wonderful volunteers who have chaperoned dogs in cabin during their flights back to NYC!

We asked one of our most recent volunteers, Chloe, to describe what flying with little cutie Clyde (a 3 month old Chihuahua puppy) at her feet was like.

"It was such a lovely experience, an incredibly smooth process, from when we met Holly (LA foster) to drop Clyde off, checking him in, through security, the flight, and meeting Katie his (NYC) foster, it couldn't have gone smoother! We were so surprised how easy the process was and would do it again in a heartbeat!"

"He was a perfect flight companion. We were delayed, however we had lots of cuddles in the airport lounge, and he played with two cute kids whilst waiting for the flight too. I told anyone who asked about Waggytail, and gave the Instagram account details as people were really interested!

Clyde was actually a much better flyer than I am, as I get a little nervous with turbulence! People on the flight behind us didn't even know he was there until we were exiting the plane at JFK!"

"We returned home around 2am, and despite us being sleepy, it was super adorable when he was wide awake from sleeping a lot, plus him being on LA time! He just wanted to play! It was only 24 hours but we became really attached to little Clyde! We were so happy when we met Katie and her boyfriend as they were a lovely couple and he is in perfect hands!"

We are so grateful that Chloe and her husband offered to chaperone Clyde on their honeymoon!

We have several adoption applications for this sweet boy so we anticpate he will find his forever home very quickly!

So what do you think?!

Could you help bring a dog from LA on their freedom flight to NYC?

Waggytail will provide a carrier and pay for the pup's cabin ticket, we just need you!

If you are planning a trip from LA to NYC and would like to help us transport a rescued dog from LA's seriously overcrowded shelters to the open arms of NYC adopters, please email waggyvolunteer@gmail.com!

We are currently rescuing dogs only when we have a flight scheduled, so the more volunteers we have THE MORE DOGS WE CAN SAVE!

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