How Chloe made it to NYC! #WaggyWest

Super cute Chloe was rescued in June from the Moreno Valley Shleter in LA as part of Waggy West. She had a pretty bad limp and her chances of being adopted before it healed were slim. She was taken into foster care and given medical attention, where it turned out that the limp was a ligament tear that was fully expected to heal on it's own (and it did)!

So how did she make the trip to NYC where she was so quickly adopted? With an amazing volunteer chaperone, Mr Dave Hill!

We asked Dave what it was like to bring a Waggy West pup on a flight with him, and this is what he had to say!

"It was fun and easy transporting Chloe. She was brought right to arrivals at LAX and then picked up at my doorstep when I got to my apartment, so there were zero hassles as far as getting her and handing her off. She was a sweet gal and I had her in my lap for a big chunk of the flight. She was fine in the carrier too, though. Didn't bark or make a peep once until I handed her off to Claire in NYC, when she cried a bit because it seemed like she'd grown attached to me and my natural bacon scent.

If the dogs are as sweet and easy as Chloe was, I would recommend it to anyone and say it was more fun than not flying with a dog."

So what do you think?! Could you chaperone a dog on a flight from LAX to NYC for us? We are looking for volunteers like Dave and Chloe who are willing to look after a dog for their flight so that we can bring them to NYC for adoption! We provide a carrier and pay for the dog's ticket.

What we need from you is about 2 weeks advance notice of your flight, and your flight details! Contact us at if you are planning a West Coast trip!

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