DORA! Adoptable Waggy of the Week!

Dora is a 5 year old, 18lb, cuddly female Chihuahua mix!

When Dora wants attention and to be pet she makes it known in a super adorable way! She will paw at you until you give her tickles, and if you stop too soon she will start up prodding you until you carry on!

Dora is a vocal pup and she makes the funniest snorts and little piggy noises when she is happy but she doesn't bark indoors unless super excited. She also doesn't show any signs of separation anxiety, perfect for apartment living!

Dora isn't super interested in toys but she loves settling in with a rawhide to chew. She is housebroken and generally walks well on a leash but will need a little help to be absolutely perfect. She gets excited when she sees other dogs while out walking and is playful with other pups when off leash. Dora has learned to tollerate her foster mom's cats to the extent that she will now allow them to sleep next to her on the couch! With slow introductions we believe she will be able to live with felines.

She also does an awesome seal impression.

If you would like to meet Dora, please fill out our adoption application and email it to!

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