January 2017 Adoption Round Up!

February 1, 2017



The New Year Did Us HAPPY! 23 beautiful animals found warmth and love in their furever homes.  


Do you know that many people are involved in just one rescue? We have partners all over the country who email, call, pull, foster, transport, chaperone, supply us, and do what it takes to save a life. We always appreciate the work invloved and especially your donations! Without your work and support we could not do what we do! 



Sophie, Lulu, Kiara, Milo puppy (not photo'd), Noel, Geoffrey, Evie, Talia, Gypsy (puppy), TinaTee,Biggie Smalls, Magic, Gidget, Jasper, Mike aka Burrito, Camilo, Sugar, Kikki, Aldwyn, Gypsy (Chih), Vino, Pierre and Ollie! 


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