December 2017 Adoption Round Up! 29 Adoptions!

We had the best holiday season ~ and so many amazing pups were brought home. Not all in order but here they are: ANA, HONEY, KISS, GINGER, RIO, LUCY, LILY, BAMBI, DON QUIJOTE, GUNNER, RINA, MADELINE, RUDOLPH, TUIP, MAYA, HEPBURN, PATTY, ELIAS, ELLA, PINKY, COCONUT, OPIE, BONITA, COCO CHANEL, FRITZ, ROCKY, MALACHAI, SHEILA AND ANDY!

A great story about Bonita: She is a beautiful Blue Heeler mix and when she came to New York from the South the first person to apply was a woman who already had a dog named Bonita. Not only did they have the same name, but they were the same breed. She adopted Bonita and now has two Bonitas.

Isn't that cute?

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