December 2018 Round Up!

Aw look at these beauties. 27 wonderful dogs found their homes in December. It was a fun and busy month, especially with getting some puppies as well as rescuing pups from the NY Animal Care Center.

Here are:

Honey, Benson, Shane, Glinda and Toto, Crissy, Maggie May, Emma, Gnome, Miso, Dorothy Gale, Lil Ryan, Eleanor, LilyAnn, Polly, Journy, Toby, Snow, Lily Lou, Gracie, Kaitie, Bonnie, Dirby, Emmy, Jackie, Ben Stiller and Nars !

Special mention to Journey (3rd row 3rd in), who came to us quite sick, and we nursed her back to health by hand feeding her and giving her proper medical attention. Her adopter actually met her in July and thought about her all those months - wondering about her - then finally applied and adopted her!

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