34 Dogs Adopted in AUGUST 2019

We had an insane summer. Imagine how busy we were getting 34 dogs adopted? It starts with a contact either from another rescue in other parts of the country (countries), a shelter, a stray, or a surrender. So much networking goes on.

Next we set up transportaion, simultaneous to finding fosters for each dog, (some become adopters). Finally we organize adoption events or meet and greets.

When it's all over we breath and start again! Because every day there are dogs who are in need and it becomes a new story.

Speaking of stories, Cesar 3rd down on the left - became an ACTOR on a stage and told a story for months. And he's not the only one. We had Wasco (top left) who was found with 5 of his siblings in the town of Wasco California. He had been dumped by his owner. He was flown here to NYC as part of our Waggywest one by one program, and adopted by the very first applicant. We also had Dingo Darla and Dina (3 of 4 siblings who are part Labrador Retriever). Can you spot them? They came in from Tijuana Mexico.

Anyway, let's celebrate our Waggygrads and the end of summer. Til next summer.

Not in order: Dina, Cesar, Star, Frazier, Hermes, Nemo, Wasco, Porky, Pumpkin, Polly, Nacho Poe, Leo, Kata, Darla, Felicity, Chip. Arlo, Jack, Lia, Dolly, Bernie, Roscoe, Timone, Guiness, Wendy, Kiko, Carla, Pelusa, Dingo, Concha, Brownie, Trotter, Rachel, Nancy ! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL.

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