June 2020 Round up!

July 16, 2020

We had 37 adoptions in June which was one of our record breaking months.

With covid19 looming and everyone working from home, more and more people chose to foster or adopt a pet. And because of this we took in many more animals than we normally would, which even included cats!


There was a large transport that came in from the south and in it was the cutest little puppy named Hazel. She had a horrible case of mange, and it caused her to lose her hair and her skin blistered. But she didn't lose her wonderful personality and loving demeanor. With daily medicated baths, Hazel started to feel better and little by little hTesser hair began to re-grow. She was adopted by a very special person who will fully rehabilitate her so she can enjoy a life filled with joy. 


We also took in a purebred Bengal cat! Unfortunately she was to be sold by a breeder but because her spots weren't as pronounced as they could be, no one wanted her. She was surrendered to our partner group and brought to NY where she was immediately added to someone's family.


Featured in this post but not in order are our 37 waggygrads!


Monty, Molly, Marvin, Nova, Jasper, Oscar, Kiki, Tessa, Dancer, Pixie, Hazel, Tulip, Maggie, Burrito, Gloria, Coco, Dobby, Ocean, Frank, Sammie, Abbey, Albany, Lollipop, Patch, Cadbury, Mavis, Bongo, Mighty Mite, Petunia, Sunnie, Millie, Lola, Nala, Pancake, Hashbrown, Waffle, Buttons! 




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