July 2020 Adoption Round Up

Here is your July #AdoptionRoundup.

48 !!! yes, a whopping 48 smush faces became #waggygrads in July and found their #fureverhomes ; even during a #pandemic. Before telling you the story of some of these lovebugs, we first want to say thank you to our #fosters who truly care and helped bring several of these #dogs and #cats up to good health (thank you also to our #veterinarians). We also are thrilled that our #adopters have shown us time and again that they trust #WaggytailRescue to complete their immediate familes. And of course, thank you to our unbelievable dedicated #volunteers and #operationsteam, without whom we could not organize and do as much as we do.

So here we have 48 animals divided up by dogs and cats on slide 2 and 3 (yes we have been taking lots of #kittens lately!). One of the most amazing “tails” is that of our beautiful senior #dog, “Little Man”. He had been sadly surrendered by his family due to devastating reasons (work and a move) and while the family knew he would be safe they never stopped thinking about him. He came into our care ONE YEAR AGO not feeling well at all and had multiple issues. He’d been given little time so his loving foster agreed to #fospice with him throughout his last days. Just when we thought he had no time left, he began feeling better (#love can do that) and we’d posted him a few times thinking he was well enough for #adoption. GUESS what happened next? Almost a whole year later, his original family, who never stopped thinking about him and pining for him#, contacted us after searching the internet for months. They were finally in a place where they could re adopt him, and that is exactly what happened. Little Man and his old/new owners were tearfully/joyfully reunited and he went back home! He is the 4th down on the left dog column.

Another great #tail is that of Papi. 4th down on left, second column of dog photos. He was found starving in a ditch in a small California town east of LA. Our #rescue group there said appeared to be around 10 years old and so he was given lots of special care. When he felt better he flew to NY and one little #instagramstory was posted about him that generated a lot of applications. We looked at the first application which seemed absolutely perfect for him. And when the applicant inquired where the dog was from, there was a silence. He was asked what’s wrong? He said “Nothing, that’s the town I am from!”. Now how is that for karma? Little Papi travelled all the way across the country to find an owner who grew up in the same exact town (of all towns in the US) he is from!

As for our #kitties, we took in a bunch from a Southern shelter and offered them out in pairs. We also took in several from #NYACC. We even rescued some from someone’s backyard! But we did have one cat, a 14 year old senior named Sammy (handsome tabby second on left in cat photo), who unfortunately needed to be rehomed after his owner’s life was taken suddenly.

All of our precious #animals are grateful and proud to be a #waggygrad. They too thank you for everything.

And they are (not in order):

Remi, Ozzy, Lindsay, Tammy, Sunny, Alan, Tinkerbell, Theo dog, Lily, Bentley, Blaze, Chuckie, Timmy, Bethany, Lorenzo, Olive, Joey, Stormy, Fiesta, Mia, Rally, Zoey cat, Cole, Liam, Nose, Darla, Peedie, Alfalfa, Simon, Lewis, Jerry, Felix, Leo, Little Man, Marmaduke, Stevie, Zoey dog, Ray, Sammy, Lana, Judy, Papi, Theo cat, Pooky, Rocky, Harper, HomeFry.

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