December 2020 Adoption Round up, 39 !

2020 was one of the hardest years any of us can remember, but we wound up rescuing more #dogs and #cats than we ever have. We wrapped up December with 29 dogs and 10 cats became #waggygrads and found their #furever homes.

As in November, most of our #rescues had food names – candy or liqueur, spices or fruit. It’s just so fun and wonderful to see their happy faces when you call them, whatever their name, because they know they’re safe.

Many of our animals have been coming up from Alabama lately, but our #adopted #kitties this month were mostly from right here in #NYC , taken off the streets into the warmth.

We have had a few medical situations, among them was a puppy with a cleft palate and another was a larger pup who suffered a broken hip and tail. We raised funds to treat them and we are always indebted to our #fosters who cared for them.

As we look ahead to this year, we have already started off with a flurry of #adoptions! But for the December #Roundup HERE THEY ARE: (not in order) Snickers, Jacob, Darla, Bailey, Brittany, Bethany, Hera, Potato, Grace, Zuchini, Pablo, Cranberry, Tiny, Ally, Rascal, Mary, Keith, Bella-Rose, Rosita, Gloria, Margo, Milo, Poppy, Sesaame, Papaya, Pumpkin, Otis, Oreo, Gigi, and little miss BETTIE :-)

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