March Madness 2021 with 39 Adoptions!

March is usually our long, slow, cold month. But we’ve been busier than ever before and we wound up with 39 #waggygrads!

This month’s #adoption #roundup includes 34 #dogs and 5 #cats. We’ve had so many #adoptions that we’ve taken larger #pups than we used to, and we’re travelling again to #Tijuana and other places to find YOU more #furbabies to love.

One of our #TJ #pups was adopted after we raised money to help with her broken bones  ..

Another cutie wound up with a long time devoted #foster of ours, who after 10 #fosters she became a #fosterfail! Even a core #volunteer found a lovebug for her parents. But one of our most amazing stories may be about a little guy who came from @Nycacc who we trained for several weeks to get him ready for his #fureverhome .

We even had a super model whose #lips rival those of any #kardashian ;-)

Peanut, Sunflower, Brooklyn, Zero, Buck, Gus, Luna, Foxy, Kingston, Stella, Hannah, Mo, Sadie, Chiki, Maple, Romeo, Jenny, Tully, Dot, Vincent Van Gogh, Bruno, SaviaSweet, Kiss, Donald, Doris, Sasha, Frida, Diego, Dogwood, Bagels, Kate, Derek, Rosie, Mitzi, Scruffy, Bear, Jerome, Cop, Scout

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