September 2020 Adoption Roundup!


52 #adoptions took place in September of 2020!!! We were insanely busy, movin' and groovin' but we never get tired. We love saving these #dogs and #cats and turning them into #waggygrads. Many of our animals came up from #Alabama but there were some from #Texas #California and #NYC.

One of our #pups is a senior named Shelby, who had been in a #Florida #killshelter ... our Alabama partner took her in and found out she could not walk, had double luxating patellas, a dislocated hip, her tail was broken in 4 places, and she had a fused spine. Even with all these issues she was/is a happy girl. Our long time #Waggytailrescue #volunteer became her #foster and arranged the surgery on her left hip and knee. And then- you guessed it, she quickly became a #fosterfail ❣️🦊. Now this little baby can walk and haas a safe loving home! We want to thank all of you out there for buying our #Waggytail #facemasks which helped to fund Shelby's operation.

We also had full litters of #puppies and #kittens who found their #fureverhome - With everything - all in - there were 41 #dogs and 11 #cats ! BowWowMeow!

In no particular order, they are:

Jacie, Kristina, Dodger, Johnny, Parker, Johanna, Ricky, Avery, Diesel, Ziggy, Wilford, Nathan, Wonder Woman, Justin, Hampton, Mabelline, Levi, Zelda, Zeke, Zeplin, Merlin, Science, Diamond, Jethro, Billy, Lainey, Sooty, Sidney, Batman, Cosmo, English, Cameo, Tigger, Hazel, Jack, Forest, Finn, Sprocket, Trixie, Zeus, Pineaapple, Zander, Sparks, ulu, Firefly, Shelby, Ty Lee, Reese, Laffy Lily n Luke!

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