Do you have a flight scheduled from LA to NYC?


Have room in your heart and hand luggage to bring along one of our Waggy West rescue dogs?



Waggytail Rescue is dedicated to flying at-risk dogs One by One, giving them all the care and attention they deserve from the second they leave the shelter in LA until they reach their new home in NYC.

If you are flying LA (LAX, ONT, PSP, BUR, LGB) to one of NYC's airports and can bring a rescue dog with you, send us your flight details on a FLIGHT TRANSPORTER APPLICATION (doc.x) and email to!


Volunteer chaperones are at the heart of Waggy West! Each dog is flown in cabin in a provided airline-approved carrier, ensuring comfort and companionship the whole trip.



Traveling with a dog takes no extra time! It's a small act that can make a BIG difference in the life of a rescue dog!


Be sure to keep your dog fully enclosed in the provided carrier with their harness and leash on while you are in the airport and on the plane.


Check-in as usual, with the addition of a dog on your itinerary (see FAQ below). 


At security, place all your carry on items as normal into the bins, then pick up your pup and carry them through the metal detector with you! The leash and carrier need to pass through the x-ray machine, and your dog can be reattached to the leash and placed back in the carrier on the other side.


Board the plane as usual and place the pup in their carrier under the seat in front of you! EASY!



How and when do I send my flight information to you?

Please fill out a FLIGHT TRANSPORTER APPLICATION (doc.x) and email to We will then contact you via email to ask for more information if necessary, to give instructions for adding a pup to your flight, and to put you in contact with the LA foster to arrange for a handover of your Waggy West pup. We need a minimum of 2 days to arrange the handoff, the more time the better for our all-volunteer network!


When will I find out which dog I am transporting?

We will usually know which dog will be your travel buddy 2-3 days in advance of your flight. We will provide you with as much info as we know about them and put you in contact with their foster and/or LA ground transporter before you fly.


How do I add a dog to my reservation?

As a third-party, we can't add a dog to your flight so we need you to call up the airline and request to add a dog in cabin. It is highly recommended that you add the dog in advance as most airlines restrict the total number of animals in cabin per flight, and we don't want your buddy to be turned away at check-in! We use standard airline approved, soft-sided carriers and will let you know the breed, age and weight of the dog before you call. Dog tickets range from $100-150, but please wait to get confirmation that we have a pup to fly before you book!


How do I get reimbursed for the dog's ticket?

We will reimburse the cost of the dog's ticket asap, so please INVOICE US with a copy of your receipt!

PayPal ( or Venmo (@WaggytailRescue). We can provide a check if requested on the transporter application and we will send the money back to you as quickly as we can.


Do I need to provide anything for the dog while they are flying with me?

We will provide the dog's leash, harness, collar and tags and an airline-approved carrier stocked with poop bags and a little food. All of these items should go with the pup when they are handed over to their NYC foster or returned to Waggytail ASAP. The dog's paper medical records and any necessary medication will also be in the carrier.


Where will I pick up the dog in LA?

This is arranged on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the time of your flight, where you are staying and if you are able we may either drop the dog off with you the day before your flight or the day of your flight, either at a prearranged location or directly at the airport. We can get dogs to LAX, Ontario, Burbank, Long Beach and Palm Springs airports with enough advance notice!


Who will take care of the dog in NYC?

Dogs that are scheduled to fly are posted as foster needed in NYC several days in advance of their flight. We will put you in contact with the NYC foster via email to arrange a suitable time and place for handover. If you need airport pick up please let us know with as much notice as possible! If you are interested in fostering your flight buddy once you get to NYC, please fill out a foster application (docx or copy & paste the text) in advance of your flight and email it to! Make sure you read over the sections on this website that explain what fostering entails and be sure to read over and sign the guidelines at the end of the application.


"I had never travelled on a plane with a pet before, so I was pretty nervous about it and unsure what to expect. Turns out my nerves were unnecessary as chaperoning Winston was super-easy and straight-forward!"
"It was such a lovely experience, an incredibly smooth process, from when we met Holly (LA foster) to drop Clyde off, checking him in, through security, the flight, and meeting Katie his (NYC) foster, it couldn't have gone smoother!"
"It was fun and easy transporting Chloe. She was brought right to arrivals at LAX and then picked up at my doorstep when I got to my apartment, so there were zero hassles as far as getting her and handing her off. She was a sweet gal..."
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