Dog Adoption/Donation Fees  

$550 for puppies under 1 year

$450 for dogs 1 to 8 years

$325 for seniors over 9 years of age

Cat Adoption/Donation Fees

 for all cats $175

*Kittens under 6 months old MUST be adopted

in pairs or to a home with another playful cat.* 

adoption fee includes microchip registration, age-appropriate vaccines, and spay/neuter


After Applying: We know waiting is difficult and we appreciate your patience while our volunteers do their best to respond quickly and responsibly to applications & inquiries, in the order in which they are received. Some dogs (especially puppies) receive many applications and it may take days or weeks for us to respond to all applicants.

  1. If the animal(s) is still available, a volunteer reviews your application and may then begin contacting your references. Applications with missing information will not be considered.

  2. If/When your application is approved, you are contacted via email by a core volunteer or by the animal's foster to set up a meet-and-greet. 



  • ALL members of your household (dogs and humans) are required to come to the meet and greet.

  • For DOGS: We suggest meeting outside (on a side street or near a park) and beginning with a calm walk while the foster tells you about dog's personality and then hands the leash to you as you continue to walk and talk. Only talk to or pet the dog if they are calm and relaxed. Treats are welcome!

  • For CATS: All of our cats and kittens have gone through some socialization training to make sure they're good with people, but sometimes they can be shy around new people, or they just prefer to sleep through the whole meet and greet. You can ask the foster to send you pictures, videos, or do a virtual meet and greet so they can show you the cat's true personality. 

  • It is important to determine whether a dog or cat's personality and energy levels are a good match for you, your family and your other animals and if you have allergies.

  • You may adopt after the meet & greet, or take a day to decide. Please note that foster pets cannot be held indefinitely for potential adopters.

  • Our goal is to try to find the perfect match between the rescued animal and the adopter. We want to make sure that the personality of the animal matches the adopter’s idea of their perfect pet. As these animals have been through so much in their lives, we try to ensure a stable home and minimize the risk of yet another move. So please make your decision carefully. 




Ready to take the next step? These must occur before bringing your pet home:

  1. Submit the Transfer Agreement:

    • PDF version - sign/scan or submit electronically to

    • ONLINE version submitted automatically - should send you confirmation email

  2. Pay the Adoption Fee/Donation with any of these options:

    • Venmo (@WaggytailRescue) - include animal's name in payment

    • Zelle ( - include animal's name in payment

    • Paypal ( - include animal's name in payment and select "Friends and Family" (otherwise need to add extra $15 processing fee) 

    • Ask for instructions if paying by cashier's check or cash (rare circumstances)

**If the animal is not neutered, add an additional $100 (refundable) deposit**

Please send us a screen shot of the payment receipt so it's easier for us to locate your payment!

All documentation and tags that came with the animal, plus any information and vet records or medical treatment they received while in foster care, should be given to the adopter. 


Adopted pet's health and training are your responsibility. While in our foster care, we do our best to help our animals with basic training and if necessary, housebreaking, but it will take your commitment to continuing their training & education. Please contact for guidance, we are more than happy to help as much as we are able!


Q: "Why do I have to pay to adopt a rescue dog/cat?"  

A:  Great question! We sometimes spend more than $3,000 on rehabilitating a single animal.  

Q: "What if the dog/cat I've adopted isn't the right fit for my family?

A: We're sorry to hear that and make no judgments if this happens. Your transfer agreement requires that you contact us to return the animal and under no circumstances are you to bring the animal to a shelter. Adoption fees are non-refundable.

Adoption donations are used to cover both the basic medical needs of all our rescued animals, and allow us to continue to rescue and rehabilitate the needier, neglected, abused and abandoned animals that would otherwise not make it out of the shelter and into a loving home. These fees do not represent the amount spent on any one individual and rarely cover our annual expenses. We rely heavily on external grants and fundraising to cover our shortfall. This is why adoption fees are non-negotiable.


With the occasional exception, all our adoptable animals are given a basic vet exam and treated for any immediate needs. They are spayed or neutered and given age-appropriate vaccinations, heartworm tested and dewormed, treated for fleas if necessary, microchipped, and given in-home behavior evaluation. However, we recommend adopters to take your pet to your own vet for a full checkup after the adoption.


  • Adoptions will not be considered final until we receive both a signed transfer agreement and the adoption donation. Animals cannot leave a foster home unless both items have been handed to the foster.

  • WE CANNOT HOLD ANIMALS. Animals will be considered "Adoption Pending" and will remain available for adoption by others until both transfer agreement and donation are received.  Please complete the adoption within a day or two of signaling your intent to adopt.

  • ADOPTION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-NEGOTIABLE. As outlined in our transfer agreement, we do not refund adoption fees if an animal is returned to us. We do not allow trial adoptions, please think carefully before committing to adopt. 

  • WAGGYTAIL PROVIDES ASSISTANCE AND GUIDANCE FOR NO OR LOW-COST NEUTER SURGERY AFTER ADOPTION. Neutering can be done at the ASPCA, through our official Waggytail representative. Appointment availability for the month will be emailed at the beginning of that month.

  • To adopt you must be 21+ years of age, have valid photo ID, and be financially able to support the cost of caring for an animal. Applicants over 70 must have a younger co-signing adopter. All humans in the house must be in agreement about welcoming a new family member.


  • Any current animals in the adopting household MUST be spayed/neutered and up to date with all vaccinations.


  • The person that will be responsible for the companion animal must be present at the time of the adoption and should sign the adoption contract. We do not allow dogs to be adopted as a gift.


  • While we are unable to accommodate trial adoptions, we do encourage Fostering-to-Adopt to make sure a pup is the right fit for your family. Fosters have first dibs to adopt and will have one week with the dog before we begin accepting adoption applications. Only animals marked "Foster Needed" are available for fostering-to-adopt. If this is the best option for you, see our fostering page for info and a link to our foster application.

  • Waggytail Rescue cannot guarantee the size of a puppy/kitten. Please be prepared for a puppy to be larger or smaller than expected. If you would like size guarantee, please consider adopting an adult or senior!

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