When can an adopter officially bring an animal home?

Adoptions will not be considered final until we receive both a signed transfer agreement and the adoption donation. Animals cannot leave a foster home unless both items have been handed to the foster.


What are the fees to adopt an animal?

$550 for puppies under 1 year

$450 for adult dogs 1 to 8 years

$325 for senior dogs over 9 years of age​
$300 for a pair of kittens

$175 for single cats



Can I reserve an animal?

WE CANNOT HOLD ANIMALS. Animals will be considered "Adoption Pending" and will remain available for adoption by others until both transfer agreement and donation are received.  Please complete the adoption within a day or two of signaling your intent to adopt.



If I decide to return the animal, can I get a refund of my adoption fee?

ADOPTION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-NEGOTIABLE. As outlined in our transfer agreement, we do not refund adoption fees if an animal is returned to us. We do not allow trial adoptions, please think carefully before committing to adopt. 



Where should I go to neuter my animal?

WAGGYTAIL PROVIDES ASSISTANCE AND GUIDANCE FOR NO OR LOW-COST NEUTER SURGERY AFTER ADOPTION. NEUTER AND SPAY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. Neutering can be done at the ASPCA, through our official Waggytail representative. Appointment availability for the month will be emailed at the beginning of that month.



Are there prerequisites to adopting?

To adopt you must be 21+ years of age, have a valid photo ID, and be financially able to support the cost of caring for an animal. Applicants over 70 must have a younger co-signing adopter. All humans in the house must be in agreement about welcoming a new family member.


Why can't I adopt a kitten to be a solo cat?

We only adopt kittens out in pairs or to a home with another young cat in the interest of healthy socialization and development. See this link for more information on why.

What if I already have an animal?

Any current animals in the adopting household MUST be spayed/neutered and up to date with all vaccinations.

Can I adopt the animal as a gift?

The person that will be responsible for the companion animal must be present at the time of the adoption and should sign the adoption contract. We do not allow our animals to be adopted as gifts.


Does Waggytail offer trial adoptions?

While we are unable to accommodate trial adoptions, we do encourage Fostering-to-Adopt to make sure a pup is the right fit for your family. Fosters have first dibs to adopt and will have one week with the dog before we begin accepting adoption applications. You cannot meet the animal prior to fostering-to-adopt as you will be picking up the animal directly from transport. Only animals marked "Foster Needed" are available for fostering-to-adopt. If this is the best option for you, see our fostering page for info and a link to our foster application.



Are the sizes and weight listed accurate?

Waggytail Rescue cannot guarantee the size of a puppy/kitten. Please be prepared for a puppy to be larger or smaller than expected. If you would like size guarantee, please consider adopting a fully grown animal (1 year or older)!

Still have questions?

Reach out to our adoption team at!