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Tijuana is a special mission close to our hearts. Done once annually, it's our biggest transport of the year and takes months of planning and coordination.

Follow our journey and learn how to support below.

Our Tijuana dogs are rescued from the streets or by way of owner surrender through our amazing partner in Tijuana, who continues to care for them until we bring them to NYC. We plan to bring 40-50 dogs on this trip and can't do it without your support.

Although this mission saves the lives of many homeless dogs, the financial undertaking to bring them to NYC to begin their new lives is costly. Each dog costs on average about $125 to receive all the necessary medical care (neuter, vaccinations, heartworm tests, parvo/distemper test) and $125 to transport. Of course, the cost of dogs found with injuries and wounds will be more time-consuming and expensive to vet, but we can't turn them away.

We appreciate your support and THANK YOU for helping to save a life.

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