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39 homeless "No" more! November 2021 Adoption Roundup!

November often signifies the end of the warm weather and the coming of cold. It also signifies thanks, gatherings, helping, gratitude and love. For us, November means NO homeless because 39 little waggy-grads have been adopted!

There are so many great stories to share from the month, but we happily noted as we put together this stunning patchwork is how many of our critters went home forever with long time fosters, current volunteers or past adopters. It says something about us but more importantly something about you and your dedication to rescuing consistently.

In reviewing this past month’s adoptions, one guy in particular strikes a sad chord. He is an old senior who was abandoned right here in our own city of New York. He found himself scared in a shelter late in his life, but we were able to pull him and find him a perfect place to live out his golden years. And the best part of that? It was adopt-a-senior month. Timing is certainly everything, but it’s always better with your support and care.

Photo'd but not in order are: Abby, Ambrose, Ashley, Barbie, Barry Brown, Betsy, Birdie, Blair, Buddy, Callie, Checkers, Cookie, Cotton, Creston, Dixie, Fluffy, Ghost, Jax, Jojo, Judd, Kiara, Leo, Link, Lisbon, Lydia/Corey, Max1, Max2, Mickey, Mo, Mocha, Precious, Pucha, Pumpkin, Saffron, Takumi, Trixie, Tuna, Turbo, Wishbone!


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