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August 2022 Adoption Roundup! 41

Ah, the dog (and cat) days of August are behind us - and it sure was hot. But what lies ahead for 41 new Waggygrads is only warmth, in a new life with loving families.

Congratulations to 25 dogs and puppies and 16 cats and kittens who have been adopted into their furever homes.

Once again so many of them have food names. Do you think it's cuter to name a puppy or a kitten after food? One of these crooners is named after a famous singer. Can you find who it is? Take a close look and tell us who you spy!

And many thanks to our fabulous volunteers, fosters, transporters, vets, and adopters!

Photo'd but not in order are:

Koko, Chiquis, Lucy, Percy, Willow, Bambi, Charlie, Rosa, Louie, Carl, Cletus, Friday, Pepper, Salt, Stella, Zelda, Espresso, Tulip, Wildebeest, Moleface, Dagwood, Brix, Sinatra, Libby, Saint Walker, Coffee, Pippa, Simon, Alexa, Pancho, Lemon, Lime, Elodie, Eloise, Atari, Dreamcast, Twix, Skittles, Cali, Princess Peach, Zury


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