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Warm hearts during cold February, 35 #adoptions in the round up!

Ah well, during the chilly month of February, 35 #smush faces found their #furever homes

and became #waggygrads because of the #valentine #love you showed! We all thank you so!

There were highs and lo’s this month, but it was still quite easy filling the voids in your hearts, it was like magic. Soon it will be Spring , the flowers will blossom and the fruits of our work will be marked by a sparkle as we sit outdoors and sip our tea.

In this beautiful cluster of 27 #dogs and 8 #cats are (not in order) Kingston, Sarah, Sylvia, Karen, Wolfe, Houdini, Patricia, Mickey, Chuck, Leela, Sparkle, Marsha, Luna, Louie, Madelyn, Matilda 2, Chili Bean, Big Easy, Lilo, Teabow, Jackie, Matilda Mom, Samson, Spencer, Peanut, Kluster, Missy, Foxy, Carrot, Simba, Blossom, Chili, Tiger, Marky Mark, Buttercup


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