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We did it again! June 2021 Adoption Roundup

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Oops we did it again!

We just tallied the second highest adoption roundup numbers so far for the year.

44 smush faces found fureverhomes in the month of June, 35 dogs and 9 cats and we couldn’t be happier. We always thank our super hard working volunteers and fosters but it’s you out there, who believe in rescue and who support our cause. You’re the reason we continue.

Lots of our pups came from Tijuana and of course Alabama, Texas and LA as well as local shelters in the NY area. Kittens too! We had two mama dogs with full litters all get adopted, and 2 foster dogs who needed protective healing adopted by their fosters! We had 2 previous adopters add a second dog into their families, and we had a few adopters take on pairs of kitties.

But there were many more stories and we’d love to learn your tails !

Photo'd but not in order:

  1. Adrian

  2. Auggie

  3. Barley

  4. Betty

  5. Birdie

  6. Bronx

  7. Brooklyn

  8. Camila

  9. Cardi B

  10. Carla

  11. Chrys

  12. Clara

  13. Cookie

  14. Dexter

  15. Fanny

  16. Fern

  17. Flower

  18. Gwen

  19. Hunter!

  20. Kid Cudi

  21. Koko

  22. Lacy

  23. Lemon Pie

  24. Madelyn

  25. Mama Coco

  26. Matcha

  27. Mathers

  28. Max

  29. Merebear

  30. Michell

  31. Miracle

  32. Morgan

  33. Oliver

  34. Oolong

  35. Peony

  36. Sadie

  37. Snow

  38. Speckles

  39. Squirrels Jane

  40. Sue See

  41. Sugar

  42. Suki

  43. Tijuana

  44. Tony


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