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68 RECORD BREAKING adoptions in May 2021

Never-ever in our 17 years have we had a record breaking #ADOPTIONROUNDUP month like we’ve had in MAY 2021. SIXTY-EIGHT (68) #Dogs and #cats found #fureverhomes and became #waggygrads. That’s right, 68, (includes 8 cats) and it’s primarily because of all of you, who want to help and #adopt. You continue to inspire us to plow ahead and #rescue at risk animals. Thank you.

One of the reasons for so many was we had a huge group of dogs arrive from Tijuana, Mexico in April. Holly (founder of #WaggytailRescue) travelled there the month prior and specifically chose each #pup with our #NYC base in mind. Thank you Holly. We also had dozens arrive from #Alabama, #Texas, #California and our local shelters here in the area. Needless to say we were busy. We could not have done it without our dedicated #volunteers and #fosters who open their homes and hearts and donated many hours of their lives, emotions and love. Thank you.

As for each face in this #patchwork photo, there are so many cute stories and anecdotes but this post would go on forever. We will say that with double the usual we had lots of same name #doggos and #kitties named after gemstones, musical instruments, movie stars, singers, cities and of course food!

Here are all 68 (not in order) :

Jerry, Lili, DK, Kenny, Buddy Pickles, Marshal, Tom 1, Smokey, Marce, Lucky, Nino, Carla, Coco1, Bear, Kira, Max, Penguii, John, Charlie Brown, Kit, Kelly, Brownie, McLovin, Cody, Bert, Tom2, Celine, Hank, Marlon, Arty, Precious, Beto, Brinkley, Lola, Lika, Sonia, Miles, Peter, Estrella1, Sugar, Cachito, Martini, Shadow, Olmo, Estrella, Sweetie, Lilly, Emmy, Tata, Diamond, Rubi, Gordo, Ace, Luna, Twyla, Sally, Britney, Bongo, Mia, Ginger, Aurora, Hudson, Sky,Winterberry, Stanton, Alvin, Addie and Harold !!!


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yeanna welof
yeanna welof
May 15, 2022

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