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Will I see you in September 2021? 49 #adoptions in Sept's #roundup

September #adoptionroundup !

Our hard-working #volunteers facilitated 49 #adoptions, (9 #cats and 40 #dogs) this month and let us just say, “bow wow-wow”. Amazing work as always and congratulations to everyone.

We had a pregnant mama who gave us 7 little #puppies who were all #adopted quickly. There were several #fosterfails, (which is pretty common) but surprisingly one of our long-time #fosters wound up adopting her funny little #chihuahua mix after a 3 month (long!) foster period. Another regular foster adopted her super shy little guy, who’d previously been in a hoarder home.

We do want to pay respects for the sudden loss of one of our #pups, also adopted from that hoarder situation last month who had some difficult severe medical issues due to his past.

We love all of our animals and we pray for their continued love from you as well.

Take a look at this beautiful #patchwork !

Photo'd but not in order is:

Acadia, Alfredo, Bear, Bella1, Bella2, Blaze, Chance, Chase, Clara, Crimson, Dede, Dixie, Doc, Ethan, Gigi, Happy, Kadeen, Kali, Lacey, Little Man, Lucy, Magic, Marco, Maria, Marty McFly, Max, Maxi, Milo, Misty Mowgli, Nina, Ocean, Oliver, Oscar, Peter, Pins, Poly, Saiya, Sasha, Sassy, Silky, Smokey Cuddles, Sparkle, Tahiti, Tom, Toothless, Tucker, Tux Spice, Victor.


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