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New Year Great Start - January 2021 Adoption Roundup

The year started out strong with 31 #adoptions in January. 20 #dogs and 11 #cats became #waggygrads !

We had the #Disney litter who were named after cute characters and the “B” #puppies from Alabama and we had #kittens who were rescued from there as well as here in #NYC. Additionally there were some local surrenders and #pups who were flown here from #LA. It all worked out – despite a few health setbacks. The puppies for example contracted Coccidia and 2 of them had to be hospitalized …. If you know about our fundraiser, it’s to directly help pay for their vet bills - the link to donate towards that is on our front page or click here

We truly love placing these animals and helping you grow your families and we rely on you to keep us stay afloat and able to continue our work.

Thank you!

Photo'd but not in order are: Ralph, Mulan, Apallo, Belle, Bubbles, Sweetie, Scooter, Wiley, Jamie, Journey, Lemmy, Salt, Jethro, Jack Hope, Pineapple, Banana, Pepper, Nutmeg, Shad, Sabra, Min, Tigger, Katrina, Mr. Fox, Archie, Rex, Trixie, Melinda, Sissy, Oatmeal


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