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Can you say "cute" 39 times? That's how many adoptions we had in October 2021!

An adoption a day keeps the blues away.. or as they say "can't buy me love" but you can adopt it! We had another amazing month with 37 dogs and 2 cats all becoming Waggygrads and moving on to live their best lives.

Some of our pups came from a horrific hoarding situation with little human contact. Others were from our local NYC shelter, and many were from some of our rescue partners in Alabama, Texas and California. We even came across a local stray who was neglected and not wanted and is now incredibly loved.

We have been adding larger dogs to our rescue lately, because during the pandemic we found that there were so many who needed homes. We congratulate all our tireless fosters and volunteers for setting up a healthy situation for them and assisting us in finding their forever homes.

Thank you everyone for always doing your best work, and to all our adopters out there.

Shown here but not in order : Abram, Bashful, Bernie, Biscuit, Cara, Chloe, Clementine, Connie, Cookie, Daisy, Dayna, Dexter, Dressell, Elena, Grizzy, Hans, Helen, Jaba, Josie, Juan, Leia, Leo, Loaf, Lucy, Maizy, Margie, Mason, Milo, Moises, Mystic, Pebbles, Prissy, Robbie, Romeo, Rosie, Rowdy, Stuart, Sunshine, Ziggy.


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